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Activities at La Selva Biological Station



Regular Tours


Day visits

Half day and full day guided walks schedule daily at 8:00am and 1:30pm. Excellent bilingual naturalists lead the walks that give a glimpse of the leading-edge research conducted at La Selva as well as the Natural History of the Tropical Rain Forest. A maximum group size is 12 people per guide. Each walk is approximately 3 1/2 hours, principally on cement or wood trails suitable for people of all ages. Some trails are accessible for the physically challenged.


Private Tours


Early Birding Tours

La Selva Biological Station is one of the fineness places for bird watching in Costa Rica. Our excellent trail system and our knowledgeable naturalist guides would lead birdwatchers through a variety of habitats, from dense primary rain forest to open pasturelands. Walks are offer at 5:45am previous reservation. Each walk is approximately 2 hours.


Night Tours

Lead by our excellent naturalist guides, visitors would search for bright shinny eyes, listen to the calls of frogs, and the singing of birds. Discover the variety of the night wildlife –birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles which are also seen at late afternoon. Walks are offered between 6:00pm and 7:00pm previous reservation. Each walk last around 2 hours.



Bird watching 101

Introduction to rain forest birds: types (residents, altitudinal and latitudinal migrants), number of species, reproduction, nesting habits, endangered species, habitat (primary and secondary forests, rivers, lakes, open areas). Guided bird walk to begin life list. Participants will learn: how to look for birds, description of places to find birds, how to identify birds, colors, habitat, behavior, mixed bands, solitary birds. Duration: full day.


Scientist for one day

Scientists around the world are strongly interested on the tropical rainforest. Many of them are looking for answers to complex questions. However, most of the time, even basic issues are unsolved, as for example regarding researchers' workplace: the classification and amount of living species. Therefore, part of the scientific research related to the tropical rainforest focus on its flora and fauna's composition, usually through samplings of plants and animals that are inventoried subsequently. Afterwards, researchers come up with information to classify species. The methodology to be applied depends upon the characteristics of the organisms under study and the purpose of the research.

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  • Natural History of La Selva










Explore the wildlife in a boat tour on the Sarapiquí River, duration 2 hrs.









A new and exciting way of adventure... seek the thrill of exploring Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest with one of the world’s leading institutions in education and research of tropical science, the Organization for Tropical Studies.






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  • Canopy and rapel



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